Exactly one year ago in Athens, one girl opened her closet and found two blue dresses... exactly the same size, exactly  the same color. She thought... "why not maaaan"... and she grabbed her old bored brushes to draw one of the two... just to draw this something to make it different from the other... So the girl became apHasia and this blue dress a brand new "cOsmic gAme" for the girl that spent her holidays stuck in Athens...

Exactly one year after, a sweet girl from the other side of Greece - from Rhodos - asked from apHasia this exact sketch, exactly the same size, exactly  the same color... and like sometimes things have their own funny ways, exactly one year after the other one dress became a brand new "cOsmic gAme", traveled this journey through sea - through the heart - through colors... through the carousel of time!*

So exactly one year after, apHasia is still here,
still believing in games of life,
still believing that life after all is just a game for us to play

Just a big thanks to you all for
believing too,
judging me,
being the colors I love so much to play!

Craziness is like Hendrix!