pumpkin house Vol. II

Hello - hello to all of ya!
Here is an old familiar apHasia drawing, renewed in a way!
The truth is that it was difficult to make it totaly different from the first one!
I just used colors that suits the palet of the t-shirt
and I didn' t draw outlines, up to a point!



apHasia's first gig attempt!

I'm so excited that I could go booooom out of joy, any time now, hahaha!
Anyways, the first apHasia's gig attempt is here and is nothing more than a splendid opportunity for me to meet you all in person and for you to see for yourselves all apHasia's STOCK t-shirts and more more apHasia surprises! In addition, there will be lots of music and party mood in the air and lots of important artists!

 click the link for more info
 Hope to see ya there***