"Cai cai e tudo tudo cai
 Tudo cai pra lá e pra cá
 Pra lá e pra cá
 E vamos nadar
 Y vamos nadar e tudo tudo dá..."

Female t - shirt,
no. 34 (small), 
color dark grey


I see * waters underground!

I’ve sketched this baby whale and its mother somewhere between 2002 - 2003…
I was listening the song “Astronomy domine” (Pink Floyd) and I 've misunderstood the part of the lyrics that goes “icy waters underground” by “I see waters underground”! Of course I wrote it wrongly on the sketch - as the truly fucking Floyd lyrics that marked my inspiration that day, hahaha! To tell you the truth my poor old bastard mind still finds these mistaken lyrics intriguing and soOOooo cOOoool!
Anyways, thanks to all these weird coincidences, the baby whale & its mother welcomes you now *after almost 8 years* to apHasia’s stOckPile: all apHasia’s stOck work that is kicking and ready to buy just for you! You can easily understand the work that is stocked by the label “APHASIA STOCK”. Therefore, you can contact me
and buy it directly!       
So, welcome mi friends - hope you'll enjoy it*~**

Female t- shirt, 
no.42 (large), 
colour purple blue